Introducing Owens Group as sponsors of our Young Carer Award

While celebrating the remarkable achievements of children and young people across Wales, the Child of Wales Awards is proud to partner with organisations that share our commitment to empowering, recognising, and rewarding young carers for their selfless dedication and support.

One such partner is Owens Group, whose support and dedication play a crucial role in honouring the young individuals who take on caring responsibilities.

Join us as we shine a spotlight on Owens Group and their invaluable contribution as a sponsor of the Young Carer category of the Child of Wales Awards 2024.

About Owens Group – sponsor of Young Carer Award

Owens Group is one of the UK’s leading family-owned Transport, Warehousing & Distribution Companies. It is dedicated to supporting communities and individuals across Wales. Its sponsorship of the Young Carer category reflects their commitment to recognising and celebrating the selfless dedication of young individuals who provide care and support for their loved ones.

Through its partnership with us, here at the Child of Wales Awards, Owens Group demonstrates its commitment to supporting and empowering young carers who make significant sacrifices to care for others. This support enables us to highlight the achievements of these young individuals, amplify our reach, and support our mission, for which we are deeply grateful.

David Owen, Owens Group, said:

“Owens Group are proud to be associated with the Child of Wales Awards 2024 and delighted to sponsor the Exceptional Young Carer Award.

“Over the last 50 years since Owens Group started, we have been very prominent in giving back to charities, local communities, and sporting clubs. What these young, inspirational children do daily for their family, friends and the local community is truly breath-taking and to be a part of giving something back to them is so important to us.

“As a proud Welsh business, we’re looking forward to celebrating the event in what should be a great night.”

Blanche Sainsbury, Founder of the Child of Wales Awards, added:

“We are thrilled to have Owens Group as a sponsor of the Young Carer category. Their commitment to supporting young carers aligns perfectly with our mission at the Child of Wales Awards. Through their support, we can celebrate the selflessness and resilience of young individuals who make a difference in the lives of others.”

As we celebrate the partnership between Owens Group and the Child of Wales Awards, we are reminded of the importance of supporting and celebrating the efforts of young carers. Together, we continue to uplift and celebrate the incredible contributions of children and young people across Wales. We look forward to continuing our journey of impact and inspiration with Owens Group by our side.