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Child of Wales presents ‘Hello Monday!’

Child of Wales presents ‘Hello Monday!’

Date: 6th April 2020 | By: national

‘We’re all in this together’ has been a tune in my head as the nation is in Lockdown, except this is not a scene from High School Musical, this is for real. Many of us have found ourselves trying to be the next Mary Poppins or Kindergarten Cop, forced into ‘home schooling’ our own children. As a former Head Teacher, I am here to help and support you and your children through what will be challenging times.

Firstly, this is not forever, everything passes. This is something we have little control over and so we need, above all, to keep not only our children safe in mind, body and soul, but also ourselves!

No one expects you to be an expert; sometimes we are our own worst enemies in thinking everything has to be perfect. Home schooling is not about mirroring what was happening at school. Frankly this would be impossible. Try not to worry. See this as a positive time. A time to relax and discover things about your child you did not know! And the one thing we do know is, we have time. We do not need to worry about rushing and cramming everything in.  How many times in life can we say that?

During this time, it can seem overwhelming as a parent or carer with the number of on-line learning packages flooding the internet. Your child’s school will also be sending work, activities and sign posting you to resources. You may wonder at times if you are doing enough or indeed too much.

I find children learn best when they are enjoying and having fun. Establishing a routine that will suit your family is best. Choose a mini project or topic that your child can research and spend lots of time on. This blog aims to support, guide and inspire.

As a Head Teacher I loved the ‘family time’ of whole school assemblies with all the children and staff. They were an important part to the routine of every child’s day. Assemblies were special. We all came together, sharing stories, ideas, or even our worries and how to overcome them.

Child of Wales would like to be here for all our children and families during this national period of lockdown. I will be hosting a weekly ‘Child of Wales Assembly’, alongside a blog with tips and ideas.

The theme of our first assembly will be

‘Jelly babies!’

I look forward to your child joining us.  Parents are welcome to join in too!

I started with a song and so it would be appropriate to leave you with one…. Have a listen to ’Don’t worry be happy…’ By Bobby McFerrin

Mrs Hart, Adviser to The Child of Wales.

Pepe Hart, Adviser to The Child of Wales Awards, is the former head teacher of the Academy of Trinity Primary School in Radstock. She won a Pride of Britain Award for Teacher of the Year for her achievements at the school. Every Monday, she will offer the parents and children inspiration and motivation to help with home schooling through these challenging times.