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Our categories will award outstanding personal courage, bravery, sporting and creative achievements; and also recognise the children who help others – championing causes in their communities, protecting the environment, caring for others and fundraising.

Child of Courage

For children with disabilities and illness, who are working tirelessly to overcome them. This category honours those who don’t let their illness get in the way of achieving their goals. After Judging, this category will be split into two age groups – under 13 and 13+

Young Sporting Hero

Recognising incredible achievements in Sport – be it with our without disability. These young sports stars are dedicated to achieving their goals in their sport and show true passion and determination to make sure they do.*


*This category may be split into two age groups after judging has completed. 

Young Leader

For children and young people who are leaders within their community, be it through innovation, artistic ability, or even mentorship.

Environmental Champion

For children and young people who have done something exceptional in terms of innovation or dedication to help protect and preserve the environment.

Courageous Family

Families who have coped with extreme circumstances, but that still continue to remain positive and push forward.

Young Performer

Recognising achievements in performing arts, be it music, dance or theatre. They are passionate about their ability and push themselves to achieve greatness.

Outstanding Charity

Shining a light on charities and volunteers that work tirelessly to help and support young people with life challenges.

Bravery Award

For children and young people who have undertaken an extraordinary act of bravery, having faced dangers and difficulties without fear.

Young Fundraiser

The Young Fundraiser category honours an individual or group of children who are raising funds for charity. They are dedicated to giving back and focussed on raising vital funds to help clauses close to their hearts.

Community Champion

For children and young people who play an exceptional role in their local communities either through organising community events and/or helping others.

Exceptional Young Carer

Young carers who make sacrifices in their daily lives to care for others in their family.
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