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Child of Wales presents ‘Hello Monday!’ – Happy Easter!

Child of Wales presents ‘Hello Monday!’ – Happy Easter!

Date: 13th April 2020 | By: national

Firstly, a very Happy Easter to all our children and their families! Easter is different this year as we are all staying safe in isolation. Whilst we cannot be with many people that we love, we can still celebrate.

We are all looking forward to the time when lockdown is over, which it will be. Then we can all celebrate and appreciate everything we have missed. Remember, everything passes.

As a family, you may have already established a routine, however, some of us may still be finding that tough. Remember your family is unique; however you choose to establish normality during this time has to work for you and your loved ones.


Mrs Hart’s Magnificent Seven

This week I am going to signpost you to websites/programmes or challenges that you may enjoy or find helpful.


  • TikTok This is a social media video sharing app. Many are using this to create short dances, lip sync, comedy clips or videos. Once downloaded this is easy to use. I spotted a great #WalkItOut challenge posted by Maya Jama, the TV and radio presenter. In our ‘Hello Monday’ assembly this week we have a #SportingHeroJesus challenge that you could post on TikTok. Please share with us here.


  • BBC Bitesize will be publishing daily online lessons for ALL ages, including Secondary aged children from Monday 20th April.


  • Andy Cope is the national Happiness Doctor! He will lift your day bringing sunshine and hope. We invited Andy into school to work with children and staff. Truly inspirational and motivating. Being a ‘moodhoover’ is not an option!


  • This is a Department for Education recommended website and has a home learning timetable for children in early years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. There are also interactive games and activities, including Easter activities.


  • Check out daily Maths lessons building children’s confidence and competence in the subject.  Again, as a teacher I highly recommend this resource and know that this subject can often be one that many find challenging.  The resources are age related and well worth a look at.


  • Freesciencelessons – YouTube This is a site where you can view Biology, Chemistry and Physics lessons. It even engages my seventeen-year-old son who is currently studying for his ‘A’ Levels.  The short video clips support and build confidence in the Sciences.


  • Visit this incredible Performing Arts school website and watch their latest heart-warming performance of ‘It Must Be Love’ thanking the NHS workers on the coronavirus frontline. The children from the Stage School also produced an energetic and lively performance of ‘We’re all in this together’. This will be a spot to watch as inspirational pieces bring the nation together.


Thank you to all the children for sending in their wonderful work this week.  These are featured at the end of this week’s ‘Hello Monday’ assembly.

I hope you are all keeping your spirits high singing our assembly ‘Isolation Rap’ and dancing to ‘Everybody’s doing the isolation!’ - locomotion style!


Now we are in isolation,

We can crack this as a nation,

Stay indoors it won’t be long,

Join with me and sing this song!


Remember there is always hope and out of darkness comes light

A very Happy Easter to everyone!

Mrs Hart, Adviser to The Child of Wales.