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Celebrating National Children’s Day

Celebrating National Children’s Day

Date: 17th May 2020 | By: national

Here at Child of Wales, we are celebrating National Children’s Day today (Sunday May 17), which is dedicated to sharing the activities of all the wonderful organisations that work to promote and protect the wellbeing of children and young people throughout the UK.

The initiative is also inviting children and families to share what they have learnt in the last few months, about being connected as human beings sharing one amazing planet that needs our care. It is seeking entries from children and young people that showcase this in any form ranging from posters to paintings to poems to videos (

This seemed like a perfect opportunity to remind ourselves about the fantastic work of some of our main charities and how they continue to help and support young people in these unprecedented times.

Teenage Cancer Trust, the only UK charity dedicated to providing specialist nursing care and support to young people with cancer, continues to do everything they can to make sure its specialist nurses and dedicated Youth Support Coordinators are still there for young people when they’re needed.

Young people being treated on a Teenage Cancer Trust unit or ward are continuing to receive care from specialist Teenage Cancer Trust staff even if in a different place, depending on the needs of the NHS Trust in question.

Meanwhile, Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinators are still working with young people going through cancer treatment; they may just be speaking to them by phone or online, instead of face to face in some cases.

For more detail on how this charity is coping during COVID-19 crisis, click here. 

Meanwhile, Dreams & Wishes, a volunteer-run charity that works with the families of sick children across the UK, is also continuing to provide vital support throughout a child’s illness and helping to build happy memories by making wishes come true.

The charity has had to change some of its working practices in order to protect the health of its volunteers, the children it supports and their families. However, wherever possible, the charity is continuing to grant the dreams and wishes of seriously ill children and their families.

For more detail on how this charity is coping during COVID-19 crisis, click here. 

Finally, the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) Cymru/Wales, continues its work supporting children, young people and their families throughout Wales.

Sadly, its Childline service has been inundated with contacts from children and young people about Coronavirus, and these are steadily increasing. Childline has already counselled hundreds of children and young people concerned about the virus, and young people are finding additional support in one another on its online message boards.

Common issues children are discussing include anxiety, exacerbated by the disruption of their normal routines due to school closures, as well as the inescapable 24/7 news coverage. Many young people are already coping with challenges in some way, whether that’s school, friendships, or just growing up. At this transitional point in their lives, the extra pressure caused by COVID-19 can be very difficult for young people to cope with.

The NSPCC says that talking to people will help a young person realise they are not alone. It’s important we allow them to make time for themselves, create a routine to limit the impact having time off can have on things like mood and sleep, as well as keep them busy with things like exercise, schoolwork or hobbies.

For more detail on how this charity is coping during COVID-19 crisis, click here.