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Highlights of our weekly assembly and ‘Shine a Light’ blog

Highlights of our weekly assembly and ‘Shine a Light’ blog

Date: 25th May 2020 | By: national

We know that many of you have been thoroughly enjoying our weekly #Shinealight blog painstaking put together by our very own special adviser Mrs Hart.

As it is half term this week, we thought we would give both our teacher and followers a break and instead pull together a compilation of your favourite bits of her previous blogs – in the video attached and in a summary of the many websites she has recommended as learning resources, which we have pulled together below.

Mrs Hart’s Magnificent Seven

Websites, programmes and challenges recommended by Mrs Hart to keep us occupied and stimulated during isolation.

  1. TikTok This is a social media video sharing app. Many are using this to create short dances, lip sync, comedy clips or videos.
  2. BBC Bitesize is publishing daily online lessons for ALL ages, including Secondary aged children.
  1. - Andy Cope is the national Happiness Doctor! He will lift your day bringing sunshine and hope. Truly inspirational and motivating. Being a ‘moodhoover’ is not an option!
  1. This is a Department for Education recommended website and has a home learning timetable for children in early years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. There are also interactive games and activities.
  1. Check out daily Maths lessons building children’s confidence and competence in the subject.
  1. Freesciencelessons – This is a site where you can view Biology, Chemistry and Physics lessons. The short video clips support and build confidence in the Sciences.
  1. Visit this incredible Performing Arts school website and watch their latest heart-warming performance of ‘It Must Be Love’ thanking the NHS workers on the coronavirus frontline.

Mrs Hart’s ‘High 5’ challenges in isolation

Inspired by National Stephen Lawrence Day #BecauseOfStephen. Here are some of the things Stephen is remembered for.

  1. #BecauseOfStephen ‘He was a great walker. And what a runner! Can you walk around your garden or house for the same time? Can you plan a 4.5-mile walk that you can do with a friend once we are out of lockdown?
  1. #BecauseOfStephen One of Stephen’s many skills was still life drawing and he was also good at maths. Write a letter or a poem all about how a special friend helps you titled ‘My friend, I miss you because…’
  1. #BecauseOfStephen Stephen and his friend Elvin painted faces of bands and famous people on t-shirts and had many requests for their fantastic works of art. Create a picture with a special sign or symbol that can be put onto a t-shirt for a special friend of yours.
  1. #BecauseOfStephen Stephen wanted to be an architect. Build a tower out of anything you can find in the house and see how tall you can make it. You can use cardboard boxes, lego, bottles, cups, be as creative as you like!
  1. #BecauseOfStephen Stephen liked helping people. In isolation make a ‘Stephen promise’ and offer to do some jobs around the house like cleaning, cooking or washing up! Your family will be your friends for life!

Mrs Hart’s Top 8 Garden Greats –for National Gardening Week

  1. - An awesome site! He makes the most extraordinary models from sticking together bits of paper and cardboard!
  1. - Scent trails, building a wormery and even keeping a pet dandelion! Lots of fun and interesting learning.
  1. - Easy activities such as grow your own celery, pot your own garlic and grow ornamental sweet potatoes. There are plenty of mini projects that involve small containers and can be done indoors, well worth a look.
  1. - Messy mud kitchens to cook up a classic mud pie and happy nature faces! The ‘nature’ birthday cards are special and can be made and sent with love to people you miss. Children can make their own special garden fairy doors from lolly sticks and dot around the garden or house.
  1. - One of the most simple and creative activities that many children will enjoy on this website, soil art! All ages can produce works of wonder. So many simple activities with clear instructions for the whole family to enjoy.
  1. – ‘50 Activities to do in your back garden’. Be a Queen and wear a ‘handmade’ wild crown or even a wild bracelet! Create ‘wild art’ displays with twigs and leaves. See if you can complete all 50 activities in isolation.
  1. - Fun and free garden adventures including painting stones and ice cube fun!
  1. - Pressed flower picture frames, butterfly crop protector, scarecrows and simple animal leaf pictures. Really easy to find the materials and have a go!

National Pet Month: 5 picks from Mrs Hart

1. 3D animals on Google!

Type the animal of your choice into google and click the ‘view in 3D’ button. You can see pandas, lions, tigers and even cheetahs!

2. Virtual Zoos

Chester Zoo are inviting you to the zoo for the day! Live streaming with their brilliant zookeepers is simply incredible! ‘

3. National Geographic for Kids

Take a trip to the icy Antarctic and learn all about Emperor Penguins. This site also gives top tips on conservation and lots of fascinating animals.


This popular website has a section dedicated to animals, which will make you smile! Discover pictures of the thirty happiest animals in the world and learn a little more about ‘Smiley’ the Golden Retriever dog, born without any eyes who becomes a therapy dog to help others.

5. CBBC Newsround -

Fancy a video call with a llama?!  Or even a camel? Find out how one man made this possible. BBC’s Newsround helps you to discover the latest news on animals from around the world. Funny videos, photos, facts and quizzes on many different species of animals.

Mrs Hart’s Rainbow rays of sunshine!

Gratitude for rainbow heroes everywhere

  1. - ‘40 Fantastic Rainbow activities for kids!’ Rainbow rice, rainbow gloop and even rainbow ice! From rainbow pasta necklaces to making a rainbow cake, this site really will keep the whole family colour happy for days!
  1. - A tasty rainbow healthy fruit snack, rainbow rocks and pebbles to explore.
  1. - Rainbow Science projects creating real rainbows, prisms and discovering what makes a rainbow. Fascinating ‘moonbows’ and mirage facts to learn about.
  1. - Construction and rainbow paper craft, I particularly like the rainbow arch and button ideas!

Mrs Hart’s ‘Hooray for books hot picks!’ The 100 best children’s books! Includes the ultimate booklist to read before you’re 14. There is also a list of the nation’s Top 10 books in rank order. - Books can often provide a valuable vehicle for children to open up, discuss and share what is on their mind. It is important now more than ever to reassure and keep children calm about what they might be hearing and seeing.  This site recommends some super books. - A real treat for fans of Harry Potter! Stars including Daniel Radcliffe, David Beckham, Eddie Redmayne and Stephen Fry are among those reading all seventeen chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone!

The British Library - We are fascinated with mini books! There is a beautiful story of the Bronte children who made miniature books for their toy soldiers to read. They carefully used embroidery thread to hand stitch brown paper, wallpaper and even leaves to make these adorable and creative tiny books nearly two hundred years ago.


Mrs Hart, Adviser to Child of Wales.