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Our Winners, 1 year on – Abi Phillips, Child of Courage 13+ 2022

Our Winners, 1 year on – Abi Phillips, Child of Courage 13+ 2022

Date: 21st March 2023 | By: national

Over the last year, Abi Phillips has achieved so many things.

She has been continuing with her fundraising, including 2 more Zumbathons, which raised money for the Butterfly AVM charity (a charity that supports her idol Nikki Lilly) and the blue balloon charity who are supporting orphans in 2 Ukrainian orphanages.

For Abi's 18th birthday she asked people to donate to her Just Giving page, instead of buying gifts - she raised £1,000 which again went to the orphans in Ukraine. Abi recieved some wonderful pictures of the children with the presents bought with Abis donation.
Abi and her family attended the Butterfly AVM ball in Nov 2022, and Abi was presented with an award for being a ‘Champion Fundraiser’ - she was thrilled!

Last year Abi became an ambassador for the Blue Balloon Charity in recognition of her fundraising efforts.

Abi joined the Dragons wheelchair rugby team at the beginning of last year and enjoys training with them every Thursday and She started college in September 2022 and is absolutely loving it!

Abi Phillips, Child of Courage 13+ 2022