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Our Winners, 1 year on – The Roberts Family, Courageous Family 2022

Our Winners, 1 year on – The Roberts Family, Courageous Family 2022

Date: 22nd March 2023 | By: national

The Roberts Family have had a wonderful year since collecting their award in 2022,

Edward finished school last summer and did extremely well in his GCSE's, receiving 'The Outstanding GCSE Results Award' from his school. He also attended his school prom and achieved Grade 6 violin. Edward started at Gower College last September, where he is studying A Level Music, Maths, Computer Science and Spanish, which he is loving. He is also about to perform his first show with the Class Act Theatre School Swansea and will be performing in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in a few weeks time. This is the first time since Covid they have been able to put on a full show, which is exciting for them all.

Henry is now in Year 6, his final year of primary, and he is getting very excited about starting in comprehensive this September. He has been busy playing football and has completed his very first violin exam which was Grade 2, for which he received an excellent mark. He also had his very first residential trip with his school to Llain - which he really enjoyed.

The whole family had a very special holiday to France last summer, which was their first trip abroad since before Covid.

The Roberts Family, Courageous Family 2022