Child of Wales Awards 2020 – Bravery Award

Casey-Jane Bishop

Bravery Award, sponsored by: Joe’s Ice cream

This award was conceived for children and young people who have undertaken an extraordinary act of bravery having faced dangers and difficulties, overcoming fear.

Casey-Jane is a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament and speaks at conferences where she shares her story of overcoming bullying and dealing with severe anxiety. She campaigns for change in the mental health services in Wales after living in fear for many years because of being bullied. Casey-Jane is an inspiration to other young people that may have endured challenging times and is an active supporter of the Barnardo’s Believe in Me campaign.

Adrian Hughes, co-owner of Joe’s Ice Cream, said:

“Joe’s Ice Cream is incredibly proud to be part of the inaugural Child of Wales Awards, recognising the outstanding achievements, tireless fundraising, passion, and incredible bravery of the children and young people in Wales.

“As an ice cream producer, bringing happiness to children is part of what we do. We firmly believe that every child has a right to a happy and safe childhood, but sadly this is all too often not the case. These awards will raise much needed funds and support four amazing charities that are dedicated to helping and supporting children in Wales.”