In the spotlight: Castell Howell Foods as sponsor of the Child of Courage award 

As we applaud the outstanding accomplishments of children and youth throughout Wales, we are delighted to partner with like-minded organisations who are equally devoted to empowering, acknowledging, and celebrating young achievers for their remarkable endeavours. 

Among our esteemed partners is Castell Howell Foods, whose steadfast support is instrumental in recognising exceptional individuals who exemplify resilience, bravery, and empathy. 

Come join us as we shine a light on Castell Howell Foods and its vital role as the proud sponsor of the Child of Courage category, at this year’s Child of Wales Awards.  

About Castell Howell Foods – sponsor of the Child of Courage award 

For decades, Castell Howell Foods has proudly supplied top-quality produce to businesses throughout Wales and the Southwest, solidifying its position as Wales’s largest independent food wholesaler. With a vast and loyal customer base, Castell Howell Foods have played a vital role in supporting Welsh businesses, Producers, and Communities. 

At the core of Castell Howell Foods lies an unwavering dedication to upholding local communities and businesses, a commitment that resonates profoundly in its collaboration with us at the Child of Wales Awards. Its resolute support not only uplifts young achievers but also reflects its broader ethos of nurturing local initiatives and fostering growth within our great nation.  

 Haydn Pugh, Head of Sales and Marketing at Castell Howell, said:  

“We are thrilled to sponsor the Child of Wales Awards. This event holds immense significance, and we are deeply honoured to contribute to the celebration of Wales’s youth. It’s a privilege to be a part of it.” 

 Blanche Sainsbury, Founder of the Child of Wales Awards, added: 

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Castell Howell Foods for its generous support. Its dedication to helping the local community and, in this case, empowering and championing young individuals who demonstrate great courage in the face of adversity, aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the Child of Wales Awards.  

“This partnership exemplifies just how powerful partnerships can be in fostering positive change. Together, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of children and youth throughout Wales, and eagerly anticipate our ongoing journey of impact and inspiration with Castell Howell Foods as a valued sponsor.” 

To nominate an extraordinary Child of Courage, click here. 

McKenzie is a brave, bubbly, clever, funny, boy who inspires us all at the Child of Wales Awards. He is the winner of the Child of Courage Award under 13 years old Sponsored by 1192 Laser and Beauty Clinic. This is his incredible story.