Meet the Child of Wales Awards 2024 sponsors and partners

The countdown has begun for the most anticipated event of the year, celebrating the youth of Wales – the Child of Wales Awards 2024. Scheduled to take place at the prestigious Swansea Arena on September 27th, 2024, this event promises to be a night of celebration, recognition, and inspiration. Making the event possible are the sponsors and partners who have generously come forward to support and uplift the young champions of Wales.

Headline Sponsor: Trade Centre Wales

Leading the charge as the headline sponsor for the Child of Wales Awards 2024 is Trade Centre Wales. With a commitment to community engagement and youth empowerment, Trade Centre Wales stands tall as a beacon of support for the next generation of Welsh leaders and achievers.

Event Partners: Blue Tiger and DIY Kitchens

Our other major event partners are Blue Tiger and DIY Kitchens. Their collaboration underscores a shared vision of recognising and rewarding excellence among the youth of Wales. Through their invaluable support, Blue Tiger and DIY Kitchens contribute to making the Child of Wales Awards 2024 a resounding success.

Category Sponsors:

  • Ascona Group: Bravery Award & Courageous Family
  • Thomas Carroll: Young Fundraiser
  • Swansea Building Society: Community Champion
  • Gower College: Outstanding Charity
  • Princes Gate: Young Sporting Hero U13
  • Commonwealth Games Wales: Young Sporting Hero Over 13
  • Westacres: Child of Courage U13
  • Mrs Bucket: Young Leader
  • Bluestone National Park Resorts: Environmental Champion
  • Owens Group: Young Carer

Each of these esteemed sponsors has dedicated themselves to recognising and honouring the remarkable achievements and contributions of young individuals across various categories. Their support amplifies the impact of the Child of Wales Awards, inspiring countless others to strive for greatness.

Media sponsors:

  • Forrest Print: Print Sponsor
  • Route Media: Outdoor Media Partner

In addition to the category sponsors, the Child of Wales Awards 2024 is further bolstered by the support of Forrest Print and Route Media. Their contributions in print and outdoor media respectively play a crucial role in spreading awareness about the event and celebrating the extraordinary stories of Welsh youth.

Winners support package: Budget Carpets

Budget Carpets sponsorship will ensure that the winners – and their guardians – are able to enjoy the awards night to the maximum, with the full VIP treatment they so richly deserve. 

As the anticipation builds and the date draws nearer, the Child of Wales Awards 2024 shines brightly as a testament to the collective spirit of generosity, compassion, and solidarity within the Welsh business and wider communities. Together, with the unwavering support of our sponsors and partners, we look forward to a memorable evening dedicated to honouring the champions of tomorrow.

If your organisation would like to become a part of the event, we have one category sponsorship left to fill, please contact for more information.

To nominate an extraordinary young person, visit our nominations page here.

As we continue to gear up our preparations for the highly anticipated Child of Wales Awards 2024, taking place at Swansea Arena on September 27, we would like to highlight a vital partner whose support is not only helping to make these awards possible, but whose commitment to community and empowerment echoes the spirit of the awards: Trade Centre Wales.

As the event’s headline sponsor, Trade Centre Wales exemplifies a dedication to nurturing the potential of every child. We are proud to share in the company’s vision, which encompasses a deep-seated belief in the power of community and investing in future generations.

The partnership between Trade Centre Wales and the Child of Wales Awards has existed since the awards inception – over three years ago – and goes beyond financial support. It symbolises a shared commitment to fostering hope and inspiration within Welsh communities. Through this collaboration, we can offer a platform for young individuals to be recognised for their remarkable achievements, regardless of their circumstances.

Trade Centre Wales’s involvement in the awards underscores its commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of children and young people. By supporting initiatives that celebrate courage, determination, and kindness, it champions the values that are essential for building a brighter tomorrow.

The Child of Wales Awards celebrates diversity and inclusivity, values that also resonate deeply with Trade Centre Wales. By championing the stories of children from all walks of life, we believe that together we can inspire others to believe in the power of their dreams and aspirations.

Mark Bailey, Trade Centre Wales, said:

“At Trade Centre Wales, we believe in investing in the future of our communities. Partnering with the Child of Wales Awards is a natural extension of our commitment to empowering the next generation. We are proud to support an initiative that celebrates the inspirational resilience, bravery, and compassion of children and young people across Wales.”

Blanche Sainsbury, Founder of the Child of Wales Awards, added:

“The Child of Wales Awards aim to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of our youth, and we are incredibly grateful to have Trade Centre Wales ongoing support as our headline sponsor. This partnership not only helps us recognise the extraordinary accomplishments of children across the nation but also amplifies our message of hope and inspiration. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of young individuals and shaping a future filled with possibility.”

We’re excited to announce that nominations are officially open for the highly anticipated Child of Wales Awards 2024! Set to take place at Swansea Arena on September 27, 2024, this prestigious annual event shines a bright light on the remarkable achievements and resilience of the young people of Wales, all while raising vital funds for charities dedicated to supporting children across the nation.

After the overwhelming success of our previous events, we’re thrilled to be back for our third year, ready to recognise the extraordinary accomplishments of children nationwide. As ever, the Child of Wales Awards 2024 promises to be an emotional, inspirational, and unforgettable affair for all involved, attracting media personalities, celebrities, sports stars, and international entertainers.

Our awards encompass 11 categories, honouring personal courage, bravery, sporting and creative achievements, as well as the commendable efforts of children championing causes in their communities, protecting the environment, caring for others, and fundraising.

We invite you to nominate a remarkable child who embodies resilience, determination, and compassion. Whether they’re facing illnesses, disabilities, bullying, discrimination, or persevering through struggles to achieve their goals in sports or the arts, we want to hear their story. Nominations are free and open to children under 18 who are based in or born in Wales.

Click here to view the categories and submit your nomination. Hurry, nominations will remain open until June 10, 2024, and judging will begin shortly after. A panel of representatives from our award sponsors, celebrities, and independent advisors will have the challenging task of selecting a winner for each category.

The Child of Wales Awards 2024 wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of businesses passionate about shining a light on these remarkable young people. Opportunities for sponsorship and partnership, including category sponsorship and event partnership, are now available for businesses seeking to make a difference.

Blanche Sainsbury, Founder of the Awards, said:

“We are thrilled to open nominations for the Child of Wales Awards 2024. These awards shine a bright light on an amazingly brave group of children and young people who face hardships and challenges every day, yet never give up, never stop trying – inspiring those around them in the process.

“We are overjoyed that this year’s event will take place in the wonderful Swansea Arena and can’t wait to announce some of the performers who will be joining us on the stage to honour those nominated. We also invite businesses to join us in honouring these remarkable young people by becoming sponsors or partners of the Child of Wales Awards 2024. Together, we can acknowledge the real stars of Wales – these amazing and inspiring children, so please get in touch if you would like to get involved.”

Business across Wales have already begun providing their support to the awards, but several sponsorship and partnership options remain. Headline sponsor is Trade Centre Wales, and event partners are Blue Tiger and DIY Kitchens. Category sponsors include Swansea Building Society, Gower College, Princes Gate, Commonwealth Games Wales, Westacres, Mrs Bucket, Bluestone National Park Resorts, and Owens Group. Print sponsor is Forrest Print and outdoor media partner is Route Media. If you want to be a part of this ever-growing list of companies by sponsoring, purchasing a table, or donating an auction prize, contact Blanche Sainsbury at for more information on how you can be involved. 

Let’s come together to celebrate and support the incredible young people of Wales. Click here to nominate, and join us at the Child of Wales Awards 2024 and help us make a difference.

Child of Wales Awards are delighted to announce that the fashion brand is a category sponsor.

The Who Cares Wins is a special award to honor the actions and efforts of young people in the community in highlighting their achievements during the COVID pandemic. Hundreds of young people raised money for the NHS and many other COVID related campaigns.

Leanne Holmes Brand Director at isawitfirst said “our legacy is to uplift and inspire our customers and we have been uplifted and inspired by the amazing achievements and efforts of young people all over Wales who have worked tirelessly to make life better for other people in their communities during the pandemic”


Sophie Mansell – an absolute bundle of joy and fun. She has a lunch time eco club at her new school and absolutley loves teaching others. She has made lots of new friends after being bullied at a previous school. Sophie  is a little star, and we are looking forward to giving her The Child of Wales Award at her big night on 21st January at Celtic Manor.

Child of Wales Winner of Child of Courage Award (over 13). Sponsored by Redikite.

Abi Phillips a brave and beautiful and an inspiration to many young girls. What a star she is! We are looking forward to celebrating with Abi and her family January 2022 at The Child of Wales Awards at Celtic Manor.

McKenzie is a brave, bubbly, clever, funny, boy who inspires us all at the Child of Wales Awards. He is the winner of the Child of Courage Award under 13 years old Sponsored by 1192 Laser and Beauty Clinic. This is his incredible story.

Every month, starting on Thursday 4th March we will be revealing the winners of each of the 12 categories for the inaugural Child of Wales Awards.

Please watch this short video for more information.

Dear Guests and Friends of The Child of Wales Awards,

After reviewing and taking some advice about the upcoming celebration of the Child of Wales Awards, It is with a heavy heart I write to tell you that due to the situation with the COVID virus we must postpone our event again on April 9th 2021. It really is sad as I know how much you, our winners, families and friends have been very much looking forward to celebrating.

With many events being cancelled this year despite the good news of the vaccine, it would seem sensible to move the event to 2022, the welfare of our guests and winners must come first.  We have secured a date of January 21st 2022 at Celtic Manor and then we should be in a better position to enjoy the evening, hopefully without the worries of social distancing and mask wearing.

I have explored having a virtual event this year. However, feedback was overwhelming against this idea as many attendees are looking forward to getting dressed up for a night to remember celebrating with their families, colleagues and friends at Celtic Manor. A night to look forward to, in the diary,  when everyone is able to meet again. We have some very special guests attending too, including famous sports personalities, and celebrities. We also have some wonderful video tributes to be played.

I wanted to also take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding. How do we even begin to summarise the last 12 months? Words like “odd” “strange” and “unprecedented” feel entirely worn out by this point. But while the last year’s been unpredictable – we’ve been moved by your unwavering support.

Despite all that has happened we have had some highlights in 2020 with some of the children and young people attending the reception at Downing Street with families and also the fact we were able to donate some funds to our chosen charities NSPCC, Dreams and Wishes and Teenage Cancer Trust.

We will have our event and let us hope that in a year’s time there will be a better world – a world of optimism, stability, happiness, laughter and kindness – all the ingredients so appropriate to The Child of Wales Awards.

I would be very grateful for any feedback you may have.

Stay Safe

With Love