Spotlight: Our Sponsors Breakfast

This past Thursday (April 4, 2024), we hosted our yearly sponsors breakfast at The Welsh House restaurant in Swansea Marina. We were thrilled to see all our fantastic sponsors under one roof; it was the perfect opportunity for our sponsors to hear about what lies in store for the 2024 awards and get to know fellow sponsors. 

Our founder Blanche Sainsbury delivered a great presentation detailing the plans for the awards and the instrumental roles our sponsors play throughout – making sure to thank each of our partners for their generous and continued support. 

Our sponsors are: Ascona Group, Bluestone, Blue Tiger, Budget Carpets, Commonwealth Games Wales Castell Howell Foods, DIY Kitchens, Gower College, Forrest Print, Mrs Buckét, Owens Group, Princes Gate, Trade Centre Wales, Thomas Carroll, Route Media, Swansea Bulding Society and Westacres.  

Pepe Hart, an award-winning head teacher and our very own Advisor, also spoke at the event, explaining her role as chair of the judges. She also offered an insight into some of the incredible nominations received so far. The full list of judges will be revealed in due course. 

The morning also allowed our sponsors to hear first-hand about the amazing charities they will be helping, through sponsoring the Child of Wales Awards 2024 – 2 Wish and Joseph’s Smile. 

2 Wish was founded by Rhian Mannings MBE, following the tragic passing of her son George and husband Paul within days of each other. Driven by her personal loss, Rhian established 2 Wish with a powerful goal: to make sure that every family in Wales facing the sudden loss of a child or young adult gets the unwavering support they truly need. Through this remarkable charity’s work, Rhian has turned her own pain into a beacon of hope for others in their darkest times. 

Joseph’s Smile was established in memory of Joseph Yeandle, who bravely battled stage four neuroblastoma before passing away in December 2021. The charity’s mission is to help lift the heavy financial burdens that families encounter throughout their child’s journey with illness. By supplying essential funds for medical treatments and equipment that aren’t accessible through the NHS, the charity ensures that families can dedicate their energy to cherishing every precious moment together. Joseph’s smile helps families every day – taking away the burden of extra fundraising while navigating their child’s care. 

Rhian Mannings MBE, Founder of 2 Wish, and Katy Yeandle, Founder of Joseph’s Smile, both delivered deeply moving speeches. They spoke from the heart about the personal journeys that led them to establish their charities, the meaningful work they carry out, and the profound, life-changing difference their organisations make for those in need of support. 

It was a powerful moment of connection, where sponsors could see the tangible difference, their involvement would make in the lives of families facing the illness or loss of a loved one.


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Child of Wales Launch at The Welsh House, SA1 Swansea 4th April 2024 commissioned by Seren Global Media Copyright © 2024 by Adrian White For permission to publish - contact me via Please respect copyright laws.

As the excitement builds for the upcoming Child of Wales Awards 2024, we are thrilled to announce two main Event Partners who will play integral roles in making this year’s ceremony a memorable and impactful celebration of the remarkable achievements of children and young people across Wales.

DIY Kitchens

We are delighted to welcome DIY Kitchens as one of our main Event Partners for the Child of Wales Awards 2024. Known for their commitment to providing high-quality kitchen solutions, DIY Kitchens embodies our mission to recognise and empower young individuals for their outstanding accomplishments.

DIY Kitchens offers affordable, yet stylish kitchen solutions tailored to meet the needs of its customers. Their partnership with the Child of Wales Awards highlights their dedication to supporting initiatives that celebrate the achievements and contributions of children and young people.

Blue Tiger

Also joining us as our Event Partner is Blue Tiger, a leading marketing agency dedicated to delivering creative and effective marketing solutions. With their expertise in marketing and communication, Blue Tiger will play a crucial role in amplifying the reach and impact of the Child of Wales Awards 2024.

Blue Tiger’s commitment to supporting initiatives that celebrate the achievements of young individuals aligns perfectly with the spirit of the Child of Wales Awards. Their partnership underscores their dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of children and young people across Wales.

Celebrating the remarkable achievements of children and young people

The Child of Wales Awards 2024 aims to honour the courage, resilience, and compassion displayed by young individuals in our communities. From acts of bravery to outstanding charitable efforts, the awards shine a spotlight on the incredible accomplishments of children and young people who inspire us all.

This year’s ceremony promises to be a memorable occasion, bringing together individuals, families, and organisations from across Wales to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our youth. With the support of our main Event Partners, DIY Kitchens and Blue Tiger, our Headline Sponsor, Trade Centre Wales, and our many other generous sponsors, we are confident that the Child of Wales Awards 2024 will be a resounding success.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to DIY Kitchens and Blue Tiger for their generous support and commitment to celebrating the achievements of children and young people. Together, we can create a brighter future for our youth and inspire positive change in our communities.

To nominate a deserving young person, please click here. To buy tickets for the event, click here.


The countdown has begun for the most anticipated event of the year, celebrating the youth of Wales – the Child of Wales Awards 2024. Scheduled to take place at the prestigious Swansea Arena on September 27th, 2024, this event promises to be a night of celebration, recognition, and inspiration. Making the event possible are the sponsors and partners who have generously come forward to support and uplift the young champions of Wales.

Headline Sponsor: Trade Centre Wales

Leading the charge as the headline sponsor for the Child of Wales Awards 2024 is Trade Centre Wales. With a commitment to community engagement and youth empowerment, Trade Centre Wales stands tall as a beacon of support for the next generation of Welsh leaders and achievers.

Event Partners: Blue Tiger and DIY Kitchens

Our other major event partners are Blue Tiger and DIY Kitchens. Their collaboration underscores a shared vision of recognising and rewarding excellence among the youth of Wales. Through their invaluable support, Blue Tiger and DIY Kitchens contribute to making the Child of Wales Awards 2024 a resounding success.

Category Sponsors:

  • Ascona Group: Bravery Award & Courageous Family
  • Thomas Carroll: Young Fundraiser
  • Swansea Building Society: Community Champion
  • Gower College: Outstanding Charity
  • Princes Gate: Young Sporting Hero U13
  • Commonwealth Games Wales: Young Sporting Hero Over 13
  • Westacres: Child of Courage U13
  • Mrs Bucket: Young Leader
  • Bluestone National Park Resorts: Environmental Champion
  • Owens Group: Young Carer

Each of these esteemed sponsors has dedicated themselves to recognising and honouring the remarkable achievements and contributions of young individuals across various categories. Their support amplifies the impact of the Child of Wales Awards, inspiring countless others to strive for greatness.

Media sponsors:

  • Forrest Print: Print Sponsor
  • Route Media: Outdoor Media Partner

In addition to the category sponsors, the Child of Wales Awards 2024 is further bolstered by the support of Forrest Print and Route Media. Their contributions in print and outdoor media respectively play a crucial role in spreading awareness about the event and celebrating the extraordinary stories of Welsh youth.

Winners support package: Budget Carpets

Budget Carpets sponsorship will ensure that the winners – and their guardians – are able to enjoy the awards night to the maximum, with the full VIP treatment they so richly deserve. 

As the anticipation builds and the date draws nearer, the Child of Wales Awards 2024 shines brightly as a testament to the collective spirit of generosity, compassion, and solidarity within the Welsh business and wider communities. Together, with the unwavering support of our sponsors and partners, we look forward to a memorable evening dedicated to honouring the champions of tomorrow.

If your organisation would like to become a part of the event, we have one category sponsorship left to fill, please contact for more information.

To nominate an extraordinary young person, visit our nominations page here.