Child of Wales partner makes inspirational film to thank NHS

In these challenging times, we are really proud of some of the work our partners are doing to help in the country’s fight against COVID-19 – and one of them has gone an extra mile by making a heart-warming film to show gratitude to the NHS.

The Mark Jermin Stage School has partnered with a number of other production companies including Dark Energy, Mark Jermin Management, Stage and Screen, Finger Music and Whitehouse Post to mobilise families across the country to get creative and give thanks to the NHS workers, who are putting themselves at risk to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

Supported by industry professionals, children and families from across the country worked to create and share a video message of gratitude, inspired by the burgeoning sense of community and desire to give back to healthcare workers.

Working with a team of creative professionals, children and their families shared pictures, signs, dances and cheers to a re-recorded version of Labi Siffre’s ‘It Must Be Love’. The film was pulled together entirely remotely with composers, editors and producers working from home and chatting over video conferencing software.

Mark Jermin, children’s talent manager and drama coach from Swansea, said: “We have the most amazing network of children and families across the country, so when we were asked if we wanted to get involved, through briefing them all and collating their content, we leaped at the chance to give back. We’re all so grateful for all their hard work and a lot of our students have NHS workers as parents.

“The joy and gratitude you see on screen is absolutely genuine. The kids, who were all looking to keep creating in self-isolation, loved getting involved and have such wonderful imaginations. I found it very choking seeing how inspired and genuinely grateful they all were, with parents, grandparents and even pets getting involved!”

Business partner Stuart Piper (from Stage and Screen) added: “We’re also enormously grateful to the parents and relatives of our students who are key workers and NHS Staff members, the upmost of Thank You’s for your all your incredible work, and for helping realise it all so quickly.”

A number of those involved praised the project.

Lisa Davies, mum of 9-year old Reegan who is featured throughout the film, said: “We have absolutely loved being part of this Project. This has been a really fun creative project to do whilst staying at home. Reegan has loved thinking up ideas, getting dressed up and being in front of the camera. Plus, as a Mum of two, it has made this third week in isolation go much quicker, for which I’m really grateful for!”

Daniel Nettle, Father of Grace Nettle, also featured in the video, added: “Here in South Wales we are incredibly proud of our key workers and NHS Staff who are doing a fantastic job. To be part of such a community driven film like this was a brilliant experience!”

The producers, husband and wife duo Ollie and Anna Allgrove, collaborated with Mark and his team, Stuart Piper (Stage and Screen), Finger Music, Dark Energy Films and Whitehouse Post (a world class editing company) to pull all of the user generated content together.

They secured the rights to iconic British Song “It Must be Love” and pulled each team together. They said: “We’re incredibly moved how our little idea became such a moving tribute to our brilliant NHS. We just hope that it raises awareness and funds for our key workers at this challenging time. We felt that the track ‘It Must Be Love” and its lyrics, perfectly fitted the intentions behind this love note to the NHS. We’re enormously grateful to the songwriter for giving us permission to use it.”

John Murrell, founder of Finger Music, added: “What a fantastic cause and a pleasure to help. Thank you NHS from all of us. You are the heroes!”

Whitehouse Post co-Founder and editor John Smith added: “The Whitehouse were delighted to be asked to help out for our amazing NHS…we often forget how lucky we are to have these incredible people fighting for our lives and right now more than ever in our lifetime we are truly indebted to them. God bless the NHS.”

“Stay at home, Wash your hands, Make a stand, We’ll get through this!”

This is the message from children and young people across Wales, hoping to spread a little bit of happiness to others whom may need it at this time.

Due to the current circumstances in the UK, presented by COVID-19. The Mark Jermin Stage School in Wales and its sister company Stage and Screen set their students a performance-based challenge to learn a song and dance whilst in isolation. This collective effort resulted in the video above, a powerful message to keep spirits high!

Mark Jermin, Director of Mark Jermin Stage Schools and Stage & Screen, said:

“We were absolutely overwhelmed by the response of our students, and the video we quickly edited has now been seen by thousands of people online.

“During this second week in isolation, we have set those same Welsh Children a second challenge – to use their talents to inspire not only each other, but to utilise their passion to reach far and wide in teaching their friends, their families, the different generations, work colleagues all over the UK, Europe and the World!”