Spotlight: Proudly welcoming Swansea City Football Club as sponsor

Celebrating the remarkable achievements of children and young people across Wales, the Child of Wales Awards proudly collaborates with like-minded organisations that share our commitment to empowering, recognising, and rewarding youth for their outstanding accomplishments.

Among these valued partners is Swansea City Football Club, whose unwavering support and dedication play a paramount role in honouring extraordinary individuals who embody resilience, courage, and great talent. Together, we strive to spotlight and celebrate the inspiring efforts of these young change makers.

Join us in shining a light on Swansea City Football Club and their invaluable contribution as sponsor of our Young Performer award, at the Child of Wales Awards 2024.

About Swansea City Football Club – sponsor of Young Performer award

Founded in 1912, Swansea City Football Club has a rich history in Welsh and English football. Swansea City currently competes in the EFL Championship League, and has had several successful seasons, including a notable period in the Premier League. With an extensive history and affection deeply rooted within the local community, Swansea City continues to be a source of pride for Welsh football fans.

The club’s commitment to supporting the local community and giving back to its fans is at the heart of everything it does; as it has become renowned for its involvement in schools, charities and championing local initiatives with the club even donating proceeds from kit purchases to causes close to home.

Through its collaboration with us, Swansea City Football Club showcases its dedication to acknowledging and rewarding the talented youth of Wales who consistently strive for greatness. Their support enhances our awards, expands our outreach, and fortifies our mission, for which we are truly grateful.

Swansea City chairman, Andy Coleman, said:

“It is a privilege for Swansea City to be part of the upcoming Child of Wales awards as sponsors of the Young Performer category. Championing the local community is deeply ingrained within our club’s history – and what better way to honour that by recognising our nation’s young achievers.”

Blanche Sainsbury, Founder of the Child of Wales Awards, expressed her deep gratitude:

“We sincerely appreciate the generous support of Swansea City Football Club. Their commitment in giving back to the local community and, specifically, empowering and honouring young performers who strive to achieve their goals, aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Child of Wales Awards.”

As we celebrate the partnership between Swansea City Football Club and the Child of Wales Awards, we are reminded of how instrumental working together can be when creating positive change. Together, we persist in uplifting and celebrating the remarkable achievements of children and young people across Wales. We eagerly anticipate continuing this journey of impact and inspiration with Swansea City Football Club by our side.

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