Welcoming Princes Gate as sponsors of our Young Sporting Hero U13 Award

While celebrating the remarkable achievements of children and young people across Wales, the Child of Wales Awards is proud to partner with organisations that share our commitment to empowering, recognising, and rewarding young people for their outstanding sporting achievements.

One such partner is Princes Gate, whose support and dedication play a crucial role in honouring the young sporting heroes under the age of 13.

Join us as we shine a spotlight on Princes Gate and their invaluable contribution as a sponsor of the Young Sporting Hero U13 category of the Child of Wales Awards 2024.

About Princes Gate – sponsor of Young Sporting Hero U13

Princes Gate’s mineral water is sourced from natural springs located in the Pembrokeshire countryside. Princes Gate is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, using recyclable packaging and supporting local initiatives. The company produces still and sparkling water, and its products are available in various retail outlets across the UK and internationally.

Princes Gate is also known for its commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting youth development through sports. Its sponsorship of the Young Sporting Hero U13 category reflects its dedication to recognising and celebrating the exceptional talents of young athletes across Wales.

Through its partnership with us, here at the Child of Wales Awards, Princes Gate demonstrates its commitment to empowering young athletes and promoting the importance of sportsmanship, dedication, and perseverance. This support enables us to highlight the achievements of these young sporting heroes, amplify our reach, and support our mission, for which we are deeply grateful.

Sam Atkinson, Head of Sales & Marketing, said:

“At Princes Gate Mineral Water, we are honoured to be supporting the Child of Wales Awards. Supporting and encouraging children from across Wales to achieve their goals has always been close to our hearts and so to be involved in such a special, inspiring event is truly a privilege.”

“We are immensely proud to be sponsoring and celebrating the Young Sporting Hero (Under 13) at the Child of Wales Awards. We would like to congratulate every nominee, you are all winners in our eyes.”

Blanche Sainsbury, Founder of the Child of Wales Awards, added:

“We are deeply grateful for the generous support of Princes Gate. Its dedication to promoting youth development through sports aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Child of Wales Awards. Through their sponsorship, we can celebrate the achievements of young athletes and inspire others to pursue their passions.”

As we celebrate the partnership between Princes Gate and the Child of Wales Awards, we are reminded of the importance of supporting and celebrating the achievements of young athletes. Together, we continue to uplift and celebrate the incredible talents and achievements of children and young people across Wales. We look forward to continuing our journey of impact and inspiration with Princes Gate by our side.